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Mississippi State Agencies



  • Accountancy, MS Board of Public
  • Adult Protective Services, MDHS
  • Aging and Adult Services, MDHS
  • Agricultural Aviation, Mississippi Board of
  • Agriculture and Commerce, Department of
  • Agriculture, Commissioner of
  • Animal Health, Mississippi Board of
  • Architecture, Mississippi Board of
  • Archives and History, Mississippi Department of
  • Arts Commission
  • Attorney General, State of Mississippi
  • Auditor, Mississippi Office of the State
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  • Banking and Consumer Finance, Department of
  • Blind, Mississippi Industries for the
  • Blind, Mississippi School for the
  • Blind/Physically Handicapped Library
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  • Capitol Building, Mississippi State
  • Child Support Enforcement, Human Services
  • Community & Junior Colleges, Mississippi State Board for
  • Community and Junior College Programs
  • Community Services, Human Services
  • Contractors, Mississippi Board of
  • Corrections, Department
  • Cosmetology, Mississippi State Board of
  • Crime Victim Compensation Program
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  • Deaf, Mississippi School for the
  • Dental Examiners, Mississippi Board of
  • Development Authority, MS
  • District Tax Offices
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  • East Mississippi State Hospital
  • Economic Assistance, Human Services
  • Education, Mississippi Department of
  • Ellisville State School
  • Emergency Management Agency, Mississippi
  • Emergency Medical Services, Mississippi Department of Health
  • Employment Security Commission, Mississippi
  • Engineers & Land Surveyors, Mississippi Board of Registration for Professional
  • Environmental Quality, Department of
  • Ethics Commission, Mississippi
  • Extension Service, Mississippi State University
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  • Family and Children Services-Human Services
  • Finance and Administration, Mississippi Department of
  • Fire Academy, State
  • Fire Marshall, State
  • Forestry Commission, Mississippi
  • Funeral Service, Mississippi State Board of
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  • Gaming Commission, Mississippi
  • Geologists, Mississippi Board of Registered Professional
  • Governor of Mississippi
  • Grand Gulf Military Monument Park
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  • Health, Department of
  • Highway Safety Patrol, Mississippi
  • HIPAA in Mississippi
  • Home Corporation, Mississippi
  • Homeland Security, Mississippi Office of
  • Human Services, Department of
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  • Information Technology Services (ITS)
  • Institutions of Higher Learning
  • Insurance Licensing Division, Department of
  • Insurance, Commissioner of
  • Insurance, Department of
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  • Job Search, Mississippi
  • Joint Committee on Performance Evaluation and Expenditure Review (PEER)
  • Judicial Performance, Mississippi Commission on
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  • Legislative Bill Status System
  • Legislative Calendar
  • Legislature, Mississippi
  • Library Commission, Mississippi
  • Licensing and Listing, Motor Vehicle Commission
  • Licensing Division, Department of Insurance
  • Lt. Governor, Office of the
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  • Marine Resources, Department of
  • Massage Therapy, Mississippi Board of
  • MARIS-MS Automated Resource Info. System
  • Medicaid, Mississippi Division of
  • Medical Licensure, Mississippi State Board of
  • Mental Health, Department of
  • Mississippi Public Broadcasting (ETV)
  • Mississippi State Hospital
  • Motor Vehicle Commission, Mississippi
  • MSOnline
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  • Narcotics, Bureau of
  • National Guard, Mississippi
  • Natural Science, Museum of
  • North Mississippi Regional Center
  • Nursing Home Administrators, Mississippi Board of
  • Nursing, Mississippi State Board of
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  • Oil & Gas Board, Mississippi State
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  • Pat Harrison Waterway District
  • Personnel Board, Mississippi State
  • PEER - Joint Performance Evaluation and Expenditure Review
  • Pharmacy, Mississippi Board of
  • Port Authority, State
  • Psychology, Mississippi Board of
  • Public Accountancy. Mississippi Board of
  • Public Employees Retirement System of Mississippi
  • Public Safety, Department of
  • Public Service Commission
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  • Real Estate Appraiser Licensing & Certification Board
  • Real Estate Commission, Mississippi
  • Redistricting Committee, Joint Legislative Reapportionment
  • Rehabilitation Services, Mississippi Department of
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  • Secretary of State
  • Social Workers and Marriage & Family Therapists, The Mississippi State Board of Examiners for
  • Soil and Water Conservation Commission
  • South Mississippi Regional Center
  • State Aid Road Construction, Office of
  • State Parks, Mississippi
  • State Payroll and Human Resource System (SPAHRS)
  • Statewide Automated Accounting System, SAAS
  • John C. Stennis Space Center
  • Supreme Court, Mississippi
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  • Tax Commission, Mississippi State
  • Tourism Development, Mississippi
  • Transportation Commission
  • Transportation, Department of
  • Trauma Care System, Mississippi Department of Health
  • Treasurer, Mississippi Office of the State
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  • University of Mississippi Medical Center - Jackson
  • University Press of Mississippi
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  • Veterans Affairs Board, Mississippi State
  • Veterans' Home Purchase Board
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  • Wildlife Fisheries & Parks. Department of
  • Worker's Compensation Commission, Mississippi
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  • Youth Services, Human Services
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