Mississippi Supreme Court - Directory
Carroll Gartin Justice Building
450 High Street, P. O. Box 117, Jackson, Mississippi 39205
Phone:(601)359-3697.....Fax: (601) 359-2443  
Supreme Court Clerk's Office,
P. O. Box 249, Jackson, Mississippi 39205
Phone: (601) 359-3694....
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Supreme Court - Justices & Staff

Receptionist: (601) 359-3697

Chief Justice Lenore L. Prather, Voice: 359-2107, Fax: 359-2443
Betty Sephton, Judicial Assistant, Voice: 359-2107, Fax: 359-2443

Presiding Justice Michael Sullivan Voice: 359-2180, Fax: 359-2443
E-Mail: jsullivan@mssc.state.ms.us
Janet Moore, Judicial Assistant, Voice: 359-2180, Fax: 359-2443

Presiding Justice Edwin Lloyd Pittman, Voice: 359-2100, Fax: 359-2443
E-Mail: jpittman@mssc.state.ms.us
Earlyne Edwards, Judicial Assistant, Voice: 359-2100, Fax: 359-2443

Justice Fred L. Banks, Jr., Voice: 359-2096, Fax: 359-2443
E-Mail: jbanks@mssc.state.ms.us
Dorothy Cook, Judicial Assistant, Voice: 359-2096, Fax: 359-2443  

Justice C. R. "Chuck" McRae, Voice: 359-2184, Fax: 359-2443
E-Mail: jmcrae@mssc.state.ms.us
Kimberly Estes, Judicial Assistant, Voice: 359-2184, Fax: 359-2443

Justice James L. Roberts, Jr., Voice: 359-2099, Fax: 359-2443
Susan Ingram, Judicial Assistant, Voice: 359-2099, Fax: 359-2443

Justice James W. Smith, Voice: 359-2093, Fax: 359-2443
Julia Soutullo, Judicial Assistant, Voice: 359-2093, Fax: 359-2443

Justice Michael P. Mills, Voice: 359-2102, Fax: 359-2443
Kim Doty, Judicial Assistant, Voice: 359-2102, Fax: 359-2443

Justice William L. Waller, Jr., Voice: 359-2139.
Cynthia Miller, Judicial Assistant, Voice: 359-2139.

Court of Appeals:
P. O. Box 22847, 656 High Street, Jackson, Mississippi 39205
Phone: (601) 354-7410. Fax: (601) 354-7472

Roger McMillin, Chief Judge, Voice: , Fax: 354-7472
Kathy Dungan, Judicial Assistant, Voice: 354-7496.

Leslie King, Presiding Judge.
Mabel Davenport, Judicial Assistant, Voice: 354-7435
Carmen N. Brooks, Law Clerk, Voice: 354-7477 E-Mail: cnicb@lycosmail.com

Leslie Southwick, Presiding Judge.
Willie Rainer, Judicial Assistant, Voice: 354-7431

Billy G. Bridges,  Judge.
Kathy Luckey, Judicial Assistant, Voice: 354-7494

Oliver Diaz, Judge.
Willie Rainer, Judicial Assistant, Voice: 354-7431

Tyree Irving, Judge.
E-Mail: jirving@mssc.state.ms.us
Debra Haynes, Judicial Assistant, Voice: 354-6218

L. Joseph Lee, Judge.
E-Mail: jlee@mssc.state.ms.us
Sharon Berryman, Judicial Assistant, Voice: 354-6248

D. Rook Moore, III, Judge.
E-Mail: jmoore@mssc.state.ms.us
Sheryl Chamblee, Judicial Assistant, Voice: 354-6216

Mary Libby Payne, Judge.
Martha Ponder, Judicial Assistant,Voice: 354-7416

James E. Thomas, Judge.
Jenny Griffin, Judicial Assistant,Voice: 354-7414.

Court of Appeals Support Staff:

E-Mail for Court of Appeals Administration:jlacy@mssc.state.ms.us

Judy Lacy, Assistant Court Administrator, Voice: 354-7508, Fax: 354-7472
Ferrell Tadlock, Staff Attorney, Voice: 354-7507
Beth Richmond, Editor of Opinions, Voice: 354-7506
Regina Gainey, Receptionist, Voice: 354-7410

Supreme Court - Court Administration:

Stephen J. Kirchmayr, Court Administrator, Voice: 359-3697, Fax: 359-2443
E-MAIL: skirchmayr@mssc.state.ms.us
Vanessa Howell, Administrative Assistant, Voice: 359-2183.
Pat Hearn, Receptionist, Voice: 359-3697.

Supreme Court - Information Systems:
PO Box 117, Carroll Gartin Building, Jackson, MS 39205

Michael Jones, Information Manager, E-MAIL: mjones@mssc.state.ms.us

Information Help Desk, Voice: 359-3205, E-MAIL: helpdesk@mssc.state.ms.us

Board of Bar Admissions:
656 High Street, Jackson, MS 39201

Linda Knight, Administrator, Voice: 359-1269.
Ella Yarbrough, Administrative Assistant, Voice: 359-1234.
Glenda Middleton,Voice: , Fax: , E-Mail:

Central Legal:

Jack Pool, Director, Voice: 359-3072.
Jewell Johnson, Legal Secretary, Voice: 359-3025, Fax: , E-Mail:

Supreme Court - Clerk's Office:

Mailing Address: Post Office Box 249, Jackson, MS 39205
Street Address: 450 High Street, Jackson, MS 39201
Telephone: (601) 359-3694

Charlotte Williams, Supreme Court Clerk,

Kathy Gillis, Chief Deputy Clerk
Bettye Malanchak, Deputy Clerk
Bobbie Adams, Assistant Deputy Clerk
Teresa Baker, Assistant Deputy Clerk
Amy Bingham, Assistant Deputy Clerk
Muriel Ellis, Assistant Deputy Clerk
Terese Funches, Assistant Deputy Clerk
Cheryl Hager, Assistant Deputy Clerk
Debra Haynes, Assistant Deputy Clerk
Gela Herrin, Assistant Deputy Clerk
Linda Puckett, Assistant Deputy Clerk

Administrative. Office of Courts:
656 North State Street, Jackson, MS 39201
Mailto: P.O. Box 117 - Jackson, MS 39205
Voice: (601) 354-7406........Fax: (601) 354-7459

Rick D. Patt - Acting Director, Voice: 354-7451 - E-Mail: rpatt@mssc.state.ms.us
Pamela Thomas - Secretary, Voice: 354-7402
Melinda Shuler - Fiscal Officer, Voice: 354-7452
Retha Gregory - Fiscal Officer, Voice: 354-7450
Kimberly Rogers - Secretary, Voice: 354-7402
Susan Anthony - Research Statistician, Voice: 354-7449 - E-Mail: santhony@mssc.state.ms.us
Beverly Vick - Data Entry Operator, Voice: 354-7446
Jackie Mabry - Data Entry Operator, Voice: 354-7447
Thomas Whitten - Technical Specialist, Voice: 359-3470
Jamie McBride - Program Specialist, Voice: 354-7397

Supreme Court - Office of Finance:
PO Box 117, Jackson, MS 39205

Carolyn Briscoe, Director, Voice: 359-3731, Fax: , E-Mail:
Susie Brunt, Accounts Receivable/Travel/Office Allowance, Voice: 359-2227, Fax: , E-Mail:
Janna Hadden, Office Allowance/Inventory/Purchasing, Voice: 359-2025, Fax: , E-Mail:
Hope Smallwood, Payroll, Insurance, Travel, Accounts Payable, Voice: 359-6567, Fax:, E-Mail:

Supreme Court - State Law Library:
Carroll Gartin Justice Building, 2nd floor
450 High Street, PO Box 1040, Jackson, MS 39205
Telephone: (601) 359-3672
Fax: (601) 359-2912

Mary Miller, Librarian, E-Mail: mmiller@mssc.state.ms.us
Betty Mullins, Assistant Librarian.
Geraldine Bell, Circulation Assistant.
Ken Raigins, E-Mail: kraigins@mssc.state.ms.us


Tracy Graves, Administrator, Voice: 354-6056.

PO Box 8850
University, MS 38677
Telephone: (601) 232-5955

Leslie G. Johnson, Director
Robert D. Church, MJE Coordinator
Linda Beasley, Program Manager
Mike Wright, Program Manager
Ramey Smith, Program Coordinator
Cindy H. Warren, Administrative Coordinator