Sec. 71-3-77. Regulation of compensation insurance

(1) Every contract for the insurance of the compensation herein provided, or against liability therefor, shall be deemed to be made subject to the provisions of this chapter, and provisions thereof inconsistent with the chapter shall be void. Such contract shall be allowed to offer deductibles on all liability of the assured under and according to the provisions of the chapter, notwithstanding any agreement of the parties to the contrary. However, the payments of the claims, including the deductible amounts, shall be made directly from the insurance company to the employee, except for medical benefits which shall be paid to the medical provider. A copy of such payments shall be forwarded to the employer. The insurance company shall collect the deductible from the employer as shall be provided in the contract between the employer and the insurer. No such policy shall be cancelled by the insurer within the policy period until a notice in writing shall be given to the commission and to the assured, fixing the date on which it is proposed to cancel it or declaring that the company does not intend to renew the policy upon expiration date, such notices to be served personally or by registered mail on the commission at its office in Jackson, and upon the assured. No such cancellation shall be effective until thirty (30) days after the service of such notice, unless the employer has obtained other insurance coverage, in which case such policy shall be deemed cancelled as of the effective date of such other insurance, whether or not such notice has been given.

The assured may cancel such a policy on the day that The assured either (a) returns the policy to the agent, or (b) signs and delivers to the agent a "lost policy release." If the assured desires to cancel a policy before the policy has become effective,he may cancel the policy by written notice of cancellation to the agent or company without return of the policy or a release.

(2) In any case where the employer is not a self-insurer, in order that the liability for compensation imposed by this chapter may be most effectively discharged by the employer and in order that the administration of this chapter in respect of such liability may be facilitated, the commission shall by regulation provide for the discharge, by the carrier or carriers for such employer, of such obligations and duties of the employer in respect of such liability imposed by this chapter upon the employer as it considers proper in order to effectuate the provisions of this chapter. For such purpose (a) notice to or knowledge of an employer of the occurrence of the injury shall be notice to or knowledge of the carrier or carriers; (b) jurisdiction of the employer by the commission or any court under this chapter shall be jurisdiction of the carrier or carriers; and (c) any requirement by the commission or any court under any compensation order,finding, or decision shall be binding upon the carrier or carriers in the same manner and to the same extent as upon the employer.